Skooba Design Website Review & Ratings + Skooba Design Coupons
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Skooba Design Website Review & Ratings + Skooba Design Coupons

Skooba Design: Products & Services

Skooba Design, Inc. designs and develops protective cases and accessories for tech-travelers. Its products include laptop, iPad/tablet, and photo/video bags, as well as laptop backpacks, laptop-compatible luggage, and hybrid laptop/travel duffels; skins for laptops and tablets; and protection and organization products, such as organizers, protective wraps, and laptop bag straps.

Skooba Design: Company Background

The company also provides custom bag design, bag manufacturing, and other OEM services to clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. It offers its products through dealers and retailers, as well as in the United States and internationally. The company was formerly known as RoadWired and changed its name to Skooba Design, Inc. in August 2007. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Rochester, New York. Skooba Design operates as a subsidiary of Three Point Ventures, LLC.

Skooba Design: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customers are very happy with the products and services of Skooba Design. Their website contains a separate webpage called Testimonials where customers’ remarks are recorded. Observation of one of the customers reads thus: “I've heard you are one of the best companies in the world to do business with. I tend to trust my gut and trust my friends with what they tell me. I chose wisely. The response you've given me is what makes me have faith in dealing with companies online. You're the best. I can't wait to receive my product. If it's what's represented online, I am sure I will find the quality and dedication to excellence to be flawless. You guys ROCK”. Mike W.  Remarks by another customer: “Wow! Is it wrong to say I LOVE YOU?... You have a great company with a great mission statementand an amazing product. Kudos to you and your team and all who make Skooba Design the award winning company it is.” Anthony T., Flight Attendant

Skooba Design: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Skooba Design has become well reputed both on and off internet for its quality customer service over the years. Even if they are not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, the company is still renowned worldwide. Its products and services are widely publicized. Their website contains a separate page called News/Reviews in which all their periodic press releases are displayed.

Skooba Design: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Since they are depending heavily on their website for generating business, they have to attract lot of traffic to their website to boost their sales. Upon checking its traffic statistics in Alexa results show that in the past month, it is ranked as #745,889 globally and #327,441 in US. Google PageRank gave website of Skooba Design 4 out of 10 (with 10 being the highest).

Skooba Design: Social Media Presence

Their official website is very informative and updated. Found in the site are a list of all of their products, information about the company, a blog, a newsroom and all of their contact information. Their website is really simple and easy to navigate.

Aside from having an official website, Skooba Design is also present in social media. In the homepage of their official website, there is tab on top where you can find links to their FaceBook, Twitter accounts and YouTube and links to promote their website on Google+ accounts.

As of January 7, 2013, Skooba Design’s Twitter account has 752 followers. Their account is updated with company news.

Their FaceBook account is just as updated, and features similar updates to their Twitter account. As of January 7, 2013, their FaceBook page has a total of 2423 likes.

Skooba Design also has a YouTube channel, which is periodically updated. As of January 7, 2013, it has 75 subscribers and 47,083 video views.

Skooba Design: Website Security & Safety

Skooba Design’s website is secured by Thawte. Website says thus:Authentic sites use Thawte SSL certificates to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site. The Thawte SSL certificate enables you to check the site's validity yourself—by clicking on it—which you should always do before entering any sensitive information. Running Google diagnostic test on their website yield clear and positive results. 

Skooba Design: Pricing & Packages

Prices of their most popular laptop bags vary from around $100 to $200. Skooba Design is recognized as the best in the world for their products as brought out in various customer reviews. They have also received recognition for highest rated customer service and they are placed in the top 100 websites among Internet Retailers. Therefore it is not easy to select their competitors on one to one basis for getting price comparison.

Skooba Design: Shipping Rates & Policies

Their website does not stipulate their shipping rates and shipping policies. Reason for this may be that they are selling most of their products through distributors and retailers spread all over the world, who may have their own shipping rates and shipping policies. When we read various customer reviews, we can find that practically all customers are very happy with their products and transactions.

Skooba Design: Payment Methods Accepted

Their website does not mention their acceptable methods of payment. Since most of their transactions are online, most of the widely popular credit cards might be acceptable. They may be assuming that online transaction through credit cards are very widely followed by almost all users and there may not be any need for specially mentioning a widely used and well accepted practice.

Skooba Design: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Regarding return/refund/exchange, policy of Skooba Design as displayed clearly in their webpage is reproduced here. “If you buy a Skooba Design product and don't love it, return it. We offer a simple satisfaction guarantee for all orders placed directly on our website: if the product isn't what you expected it to be, or you just don't like it, return it to us for a refund, site credit or exchange. All we ask is that you return it within 30 days of receipt, in new, as-shipped condition, with all original packaging and paperwork. Please tell us the reason for your return and whether you would like an exchange, credit or refund. We will refund/credit the original price of the product (shipping charges excluded, except in warranty/defective product returns - see below). We issue all credits immediately upon receipt and inspection of returned products, but your credit card company may take one or more billing cycles to post the credit to your statement.”

Skooba Design: Product images & screenshots
Skooba Design Coupons
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